Summer is here – no more snowboarding… right?

2 Alpes Summer


I’m heading to the Alps…

It’s always a difficult time when you realize the summer is well and truly underway, and your are faced with the impossibly long wait for the winter to come back round, so you can get your shred on again.

Unsatisfied with the reality of a warm-cider-swilling, burnt-sausage-munching, sweaty, flip-flopping summer, I dreamed longingly of the white stuff. It suddenly occurred to me that, whilst the resorts shut down, the seasonnaires reluctantly sidled back to their humble snowless motherlands, and the Russians deserted the fur-trimmed luxuries of Courchevel… somewhere in the highest corners of the Alps… the mountains refuse to succumb to the green grass and luscious lakes that have invaded the pisted playgrounds of Europe  for the summer months. There, the die-hard shredders stand, high on the hills, with the lonely goat herd, yodeling my name. Willing me to pay them a visit…

I asked my dear friend, Google, what I should do, and she replied: GIRLIE CAMPS. At first, I thought Google had misunderstood me and was suggesting a week of manicures, fish spa pedicures, mudbaths, makeovers and gossipping about the Kardashians or Bieber’s latest hijinx. On closer inspection, I was thrilled to find it was a GIRLS ONLY FREESTYLE SNOWBOARD CAMP!!! Without hesitation, I yanked out the overdrawn debit card and booked my trip to Les Deux Alpes, France.

I can’t WAIT to soak up the rays and ride in a T-SHIRT!!  Speaking of t-shirts, here are some lovely t-shirts from British brand Thump Clothing. They are also on the search for some lady ambassadors, so check out their awesome competition and get involved girls!

I look forward to learning how to kill it in the park and meeting all the other impatient shredder-esses who simply couldn’t live with the prospect of a snow-free summer. SEE YOU IN THE ALPS CHICAS!


10 Problems Only Snowboard Girls Will Understand…

There are some things in shred-life that only snowboard girls will understand… here are 10 of them. Enjoy!

What we think our hair looks like...

What we think our hair looks like…

  1.        WHAT do I do with my hair?! If I have it down… I will be tickled in the face/neck/in my mouth ALL DAY. Wear it up and I can’t fit my helmet on my head… wear a low pony and suffer zero slope-cred and AWFUL hat hair.


What we actually look like...

What we actually look like…

2. These thermals are actually leggings from Primark. Tell NO-ONE.

3. My “thermals” ripped.

4. We are going to après… tops are likely to come off. That means I can’t wear my comfy/ugly sports bra… but that means I will be uncomfortable snowboarding ALL day in my “pretty” bra and unable to hitch my fallen bra straps up or avoid unsightly jiggling over moguls. Help.


5. Gloves + snowboard pants + impact shorts = serious wedgie predicament.

6. Snowboard gear sizes are not the same as real-life sizes. Am I bigger than I thought? Why can’t I fit ANY layers under my jacket/pants? Ughh fine… I’ll buy a men’s jacket. Then follows the awkward moment you see a guy wearing the same jacket on the slopes. Not sure who is more embarrassed?

7. Snow down your bum. (Unisex problem…)


8. My earring is stuck on my helmet.

9.  Anyone got any Vaseline? *lips then deep fry in the sun.*

10. Being called Dude or Man due to your baggy pants/awesome riding.


Baggy is great… but don’t be a douche and over-do it… Like that silly skier Henrik Harlaut!

Longboard Virgins

A sad fact that we all have to face at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere: winter is nearly over.
Instead of crying into our pillows and spending our days waxing our snowboards, watching videos of ANYONE shredding on the youtube and vimeo, sleeping in till noon because mornings are no fun when there’s no snow… NO MORE. we decided to take action. We decided to invest in a shiny new longboard and lose our longboard virginity, dust off the skates and get ready for summer! Here’s what went down…




Sunshine Style for Spring on the Slopes

Winter is drawing to a close… DON’T BE SAD! Spring is here!!! Still plenty of shredding in the sun to be done!! Here are some spring style suggestions from SNOOKS. Enjoy! 

Burton Carmi Fleece Lined riding shirt

Burton Carmi Fleece Lined riding shirt

This fleece lined riding shirt is perfect to spring days on the slopes – no need for layering! We love the colours available, and the relaxed fit of this shirt. Tonnes of style. 


Orage – Cole Riding Shirt

Stylish checkered riding shirt – less insulated but still waterproof and breathable.


Westbeach 1st Avenue – Softshell Jacket

 We love the colour and the cut of this Westbeach softshell – perfect for springtime park laps and piste cruising!

Roxy Valley Jacket

Roxy Valley Jacket

Awesome fit from Roxy and a good length for keeping your bum dry in the spring slush! And drawstrings. Yay.

Milford beanie – VANS

Vans Milford beanie. Simple. Iconic. Hot.


CLWR Pop Tshirt

We love this simple t-shirt from the wonderful Swedes at Colourwear.


Nike SB Icon PO Hoodie

 Men’s Nike hoody – we love the Nike SB range – but it doesn’t seem they do a women’s range? Shame, that! We still like this simple but bold hoody. Great for spring in the snowpark.


Hype Earth Leopard Bobble Beanie

Grrrr. Easy tiger. Or leopard? Easy Leopard? Ok. Either way, it’s a sick hat.


Yes, we know that’s a guy’s t-shirt. But HEY… we still dig it. Picture Organic – Horizon Tshirt

Awesome shirt to wear as a layer – and great for apres, too!

Burton Women's Lucky Pants

Burton Women’s Lucky Pants

 Available in a range of colours – we love these Lucky pants. A really nice fit going on – not too baggy not to tight. We like.

Aquatique Frogskin Lagoon

Aquatique Frogskin Lagoon

Here are some sick shades from Oakley – as always.


Burton Blotto Sunrise gloves.

Above: Sunrise themed gloves. Fitting for the spring. (And for your hands..)

Below: Not so spring related. But we like the lion (we’re not lyin’).

Roar. Sweet gloves from Neff.

Roar. Sweet gloves from Neff.

Reebok Classic Hi-Tops

Reebok Classic Hi-Tops

All important apres hi-tops. Although we all know that us snowboarders can still throw some shapes on the dance floor in our snowboard boots. But hey. These are nice for dancing too. 

Colourwear Demon Leopard jacket

Colourwear Demon Leopard jacket

Be an animal at apres.

Adidas accent jacket

Adidas accent jacket

New on the scene – we are loving the new range from Adidas. If you need more proof – just check out the TeamGB gear they designed for Sochi 2014 !


Burton Cast 2L Jacket

We love this spring jacket – with a lovely vintage feel. Other colours too including navy. Maybe avoid the yellow one though… it’s a bit Paddington Bear…

And finally… a lovely hat and trainers to top and tail your outfit of choice!

Nike Blazer Hi-tops

Nike Blazer Hi-tops


Vans Emery Hat – Snapback




Girls – get on board!


Team GB’s Jenny Jones smashing it on her Bronze medal run in Sochi!

Jenny Jones made the country sit up and listen when she won her Bronze medal in the Snowboard Slopestyle –  the first time this event has ever been included in the Winter Olympics. Her comrade, Aimee Fuller, also put on a good show for us in qualifying for the semi-finals. Who didn’t shed a tear or, at least, get a slight tingle in the corner of their eye when Jenny was congratulated by her parents after winning bronze, who surprised her by flying out to Russia to watch. Either that or tears of laughter when Mrs Jones struggled to contain her excitement about how proud the ‘boys back home’ were. It was an iconic moment that will go down in history for British snowsport. Our first EVER medal on the snow. All round, the GB freestyle team really did us proud by showing that the Brits can kick it with the big boys and girls on the slopes!

Check out Jenny’s reaction and see what Mrs Jones had to say about it all!

Some people may have never heard of snowboarding until Sochi. My mum thought I went “skateboarding” in the alps. My grandma thought it was snow-surfing (how very 70s). But this year, snowboarding got massive, unprecedented mainstream media attention thanks hugely to Jenny Jones’ success. So many young (and old) girls (and boys) have seen just how cool our sport is. Nothing beats the feeling of strapping your board on at the top of the mountain, looking out over miles of untouched fresh powder, sunshine and blue skies, about to tear it up with your friends. Even the crappest 180, with about a foot of air, makes you feel so stoked, like you are actually Jenny Jones and shout to your mates “DID YOU SEE THAT!? I JUST DID A 180!!”


Tracks don’t come fresher than this!

How many girls in the UK who get into snowboarding will end up winning Olympic medals? Very few. In fact, just one. So far. But we can dream, right?! For most of us mere mortals, snowboarding is all about the fun, the feeling, the freedom, the adventure, the friends, the beer, and feeling damn cool.  The likes of Jenny Jones and Aimee Fuller have shown the nation just how much fun us girls have snowboarding, inspiring the next generation of champions freestylers . And all the rest of us who just love getting out there and riding. I hope that thousands of girls have been inspired to give it a go – at their local snowdome, dryslope, or booking a holiday to the alps or even doing a season. (Not too many though… we don’t want all the fresh tracks taken, do we!)

Feeling inspired? Check out your nearest slope and get on board! Here’s a handy slope locator. No excuses now. Go shred!

Much love,


Riding with your friends – nothing beats it!